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Are there any Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts?

Yes there are and they can be very useful to be more productive with Windows 7 and Vista. The following is a list of the most common keyboard shortcuts for these operating systems.

Windows  + E = Opens My Computer

Windows + F = Opens Search

Windows + T = Cycles through items on the taskbar

Windows + M = Minimizes all windows

Windows + Shift + M = Restores all Minimized windows

Windows + D = Shows/Hides Desktop

Windows + L = Locks the computer

Windows + Spacebar = Preview desktop

Windows + Home = Minimizes all but the current window

Windows + G = Cycles through gadgets

Windows + F1 = Launches help and support

Alt + Tab= Cycles forward through open windows

Alt + PrtSc= Takes a screen shot of the current window and places it on the Clipboard

Shift + Delete= Permanently deletes the item without sending it to the recycle bin

Ctrl + C = Copies the selected item

Ctrl + X = Cuts the selected item

Ctrl + V = Pastes the selected item

Ctrl + D = Deletes the selected item

Ctrl + Shift + N = Created new folder